Hula Brand Perfect Planter … It Is Rocket Science

hula-graphic-rectangleHula-CutawayFeaturing the patent-pending OxiTitan®antimicrobial coating, the self-cleaning Hula Perfect Planter continuously reduces odors and VOCs, while also destroying bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. Unlike other containers, there’s no need to sterilize and clean your Hula Perfect Planter before planting.

Learn more about this revolutionary, light-energized nanotechnology, which never wears out, even after repeated use.

The groundbreaking air pruning design ensures healthy plant root growth. No more root bound plants.

The Hula Perfect Planter is flexible. It works with soil, soil-less mixes, clay and rock wool.  Water your plants with any method, including top feed, hand water, flood or drain to waste.

The space saving, collapsible container is very lightweight and folds up flat. The reusable and recyclable Hula Planter saves valuable space in your home, when not in use.

Available Sizes: #3, #5.